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About this course

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Why relationship gratitude?

How can it help us in our relationships

  • Negativity is easy, our brains are negatively biased. We have to make the conscious decision to get to something that feels better.

  • In our relationships, we tend towards negativity and resentment

  • Gratitude takes us out of our small scared self and puts us into the consciousness of the healthy adult

  • Graitude sets the scene for healing and reconnection no matter your relationship issue.

About Nicole

Cousellor, author and couple therapist

Nicole has also impacted the lives of thousands of women through her writing, public speaking, and podcasts. Her relatable and big-hearted wisdom sees her explore personal and intimate topics that many others dare not speak about. She is the author of The Beauty Load, How to feel enough in a world full of beauty (Kind Press, 2022), which was inspired in equal parts by her work as a counsellor as well as her own struggles to accept her body and most recently the challenge with the Beauty Load as a parent of two teenage kids.

Bonus 21 day gratitude challenge

re-wire your brain to see the good in your partner

Harness the power of gratitude

Gratitude changes the way you see your partner, which will have a powerful influence on the way you interact and communicate in your relationship.


  • Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

    Purchases are final. There are no refunds if you decide you don’t like my approach.

  • Will this course save my relationship?

    I am afraid that relationships are complex and as a professional, it is very hard to know exactly what your relationship needs without a therapeutic process.

  • Why does gratitude help relationships?

    Most relationships suffer from what Gottman calls "negative sentiment override", in which the individuals are so full of resentment, they become unable to see the good in their partner. A gratitude practice is one of the antidotes to this.